What is Christian Youth?

About Us

About Us

Christian Youth is the youth wing of the Christian Democratic Party of Australia, intended for those between ages 16 and 29.

The Christian Democrats, founded by a group of Christian ministers, have been represented in the New South Wales Parliament for almost 38 years and currently hold the balance of power in that state’s Legislative Council.

While political in nature, the Christian Youth Movement is a deliberately and unapologetically Christian one.¬† We believe it’s time for young Christians to take a stand to defend our faith and values for the future of Christian society.

The Christian Youth represents young believers to the leaders of our nation in the general community and in local, state and federal governments, to ensure that their voice is heard.

We empower young Christians to take the lead and bring about change in all areas of society in whatever way they can.

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Click here to read our values statement or contact us for more information.

Unsure about the role Christians have to play in the public square?  Check out our Christians and Politics page to look at the Biblical evidence.

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