How it works:

The Christian Youth movement is modeled in military fashion with an appointed leadership hierarchy to enable maximum efficiency and results.  Everyone has a role to play and commitment is key.

Our organisation about putting Christ at the centre of all we do and giving all glory to God (Matt 5:16, 1 Cor 10:31 & Col 1:15-17).  We seek to love our neighbours (Mark 12:31) and be salt and light to the world (Matthew 5:13-16) by enhancing and sustaining the moral ecology of this nation (Luke 3:19).

Membership Pricing:

Christian Youth (18-29): $10 Quarterly or $40 Yearly


Junior Christian Youth (16-17): $12 Yearly

Our Structure:

Note: The reformation process of Christian Youth is ongoing so changes will most likely occur to the current system.

  1. Christian Youth National Command is the Federal Headquarters of Christian Youth.  It is headed up by the Consul, then the Proconsul, the Secretary, the Treasurer, and other federal positions.
  2. Christian Youth State Command (e.g. NSW Command) is the State level leadership and is led by the First Legate + other state Legates.
  3. A Legion is a subdivision within the State Command and is led by a Legate.
  4. A Cohort  (Legion subdivision) is led by a Tribune
  5. A Century (Cohort subdivision) is led by a Centurion
  6. A Section (Century subdivision) is led by a Section Commander


To begin with, when you sign up, you will join a Section, you can elect to join a particular Section or let National Command choose for you.  You will then be put in touch with the Section Commander and can begin helping her/him to recruit other members to Christian Youth.


When you first register, get as many like-minded friends to join as you can.  If you are able to recruit enough members, National Command may even appoint you leader of your own Section.  Once you have launched your own local Section, members will be able to request to join it from anywhere in the country.  So long as a member can fulfill their obligations, they are permitted to join any Section they wish to – think of it as a military unit structure, not limited by geography.


If your Section gets a large enough membership base, you may need to split it into two new sections.  In this case, you, as Section Commander would fill the role of Centurion in the newly formed Century.  You would also need to appoint new Section Commanders to lead the new Sections.