Our Leadership Team

Samraat Joshua Grewal

Samraat Joshua Grewal

Samraat Joshua Grewal is the founder and National Consul of the Christian Youth, the Christian Democratic Party of Australia’s youth wing. He’s the great great grandson of Sardar Mehtab Singh Grewal, the royal financial minister of Maharaja Hira Singh. In late 2018 I established the Christian Youth in what I perceived to be an absence of any fundamentally Christian socio-political youth movement. Every other youth movement in the nation is either explicitly Christian and apolitical, or explicitly secular and political. There was no place for Christians to partake in both the social and political aspects of our society, without compromising their faith and culture. Thus, the Christian Youth was born. As a Christian, it was inconceivable for me to pursue anything aside from politics, in the hope of building a brighter Christian Commonwealth for all my people. Therefore, I am unwavering in my traditional Christian beliefs and believe that compromise at any level will take away from our optimistic vision. In my capacity as its leader, my role is to raise up young people to advance the Christian faith and ethos in whatever sphere of society they go into, as well as to inform and engage the youth with the political system. To be there is nothing greater than building better communities. Born in the suburbs of Western Sydney, I was raised across both ANZAC countries, and was always fascinated by history. Outside of my duties in the Christian Youth and the greater Christian Democratic Party, I’m like the average: I’m a gamer at heart and an artist, who loves KFC and hitting the gym.
Paul Facey

Paul Facey


I have been politically inclined for a few years now. Originally, I wanted to be a member of the House of Representatives in the Liberal Party. For this reason, I joined the Young Liberals in March 2018. A few months later, I realised that I did not want to run for government office, but instead pursue academia and engage politically from there. This change of direction, combined with the increasingly visible infighting of the Young Liberals, caused me to leave and join the Christian Youth. I was soon promoted to Vice-President.

When I started becoming politically conscious in around 2013, my views were typically Christian and conservative, nothing left wing or radically right, but your standard pro-LNP right winger. In my later high school years, I became a near absolute libertarian; absolute free market, absolute free expression, etc. But over time I became more concerned with the core philosophy of a nation rather than promoting everyone doing as they wish. I have since become highly critical of western liberal democracy and now strive for a government guided by God’s will.

My ultimate aim is to help the Christian Youth spearhead the revival of the true Gospel in culture and government.

Our Leadership Philosophy

Our Goals

From the beginning, the Christian Youth leadership has made a conscious effort to not take existing party systems for granted and just tack them onto our movement.

We have specific goals, we want specific results, and our governing structure must reflect that.

In this case, our goals are to be ideologically united and train a new movement of young Christians to spread and defend the Gospel in public life.

Discipline and Servant Leadership

To do this, we have instituted a strict chain of command akin to that of a military order. This will help drill discipline and respect for leadership into our members. At the same time, our leadership has obligations that they will be judged on, the greatest of which being the need for a servant’s heart. While they hold a high position, they must demonstrate continuous on the ground work with an attitude of selflessness. The worse fault of a leader is being detached from his constituents.

What Makes Christian Youth Different?

Consequentially, we have also decided to cut out some universal conventions in other political organisations.

Most significantly (and controversially), the leadership is not subject to elections from the membership base. This was made so for 3 reasons:

1. The leadership must be able to do their jobs unhindered by the burden of elections, such as the need to meet with many members and secure votes. Likewise, the membership does not need the burden of controversy surrounding elections on their shoulders. All parts of the machine need to be able to function interdependently.

2. Factionalism is inevitable, as people will unite around personalities rather than the core values come election time. Division is the last thing a movement needs, and so all unnecessary causes of division must be stamped out.

3. Leadership must be earned and skills demonstrated. In an election, you need only exploit timing and have a silver tongue in speeches. In the merit-based leadership process of the Christian Youth, you need to make your case to the existing leadership if you wish to climb the ranks. Beliefs, attitude, skills, and experience are all evaluated before someone can become a leader.

What Does This Mean for Me?

Ultimately, the Christian Youth is a chance for young Christians to use their skills to help the faith with the backing of countless other like-minded individuals.

Leadership is not for everybody, government is not for everybody, evangelism is not for everybody. But everybody does have something to contribute.

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