Reform in the Party

by Samraat Joshua Grewal, CY Consul

The youth wing of the Christian Democratic Party has been long stagnant. The former “Young CDP” is thus being reformed into the Christian Youth.

Within the next few weeks, CY will have appointed a new executive to bring the youth of the party into a new age of growth and influence. These changes include structural reforms which will allow for a more efficient system of governance. As well as drastic leadership changes, with a new vision being set for the Party’s youth wing.

For too long, there has been a void in the political sphere. There is a place for conservatives, a place of progressives and moderates… But there isn’t a place for the youth who want something purely ‘Christian’. A movement untainted by secular ideologies. A movement that can never go left. A movement that they can trust will retain their values long after they are gone. A movement they can rely on to be an unchanging force. We are that movement.

The vision we have for the future is to fill the void left by the major parties. We are the sole ‘Christian’ political youth movement in this nation. We want to rally all those silenced Christian voices. We want you. We want to be the voice for all those shut down by their peers.

Our vision of the future is one with an unparalleled Christian Youth movement driving social change. That is why we are finally taking the steps to reform. By November the new Executive of the youth wing will be announced. The next step after that is for all young Christians to come forward and join us in achieving our vision for a better, Godly Australia.

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