What can Christians contribute to Australian culture?

By Cody Mitchell

I · Preface

Some would say that Australian politics is broken; it may be more accurate to say that Australian culture is in ruins.  More than ever before, our nation needs spiritual renewal [2 Chronicles 7:14].

The Christian Democratic Party of Australia stands alone as an unashamedly Biblical party representing policies that align with Truth and God’s nature.  Sadly, many Australians have not even heard of the party, its mission or its work.

This is certainly not to suggest that there are not committed Believers in other areas in the public square – commentary, media and the legislature.  There are many Christians in all areas of society doing incredible work. What I am about to say here applies to all Believers in Christ.

So, how can Christians (particularly Christian politicians) contribute to society going forward?

II · Moral Reformation

The Christian Democratic Party lives out Christ’s call to be “salt and light” to the world through its example of practical, Biblically ethical policies [Matthew 5:13].  

Among other things, Fred Nile, Paul Green and their team have consistently stood up for legislation protecting Scripture and Chaplains in Schools, the unborn, disabled and vulnerable as well as the natural Biblical views of family and gender.

All Christians have a responsibility to stand up for Truth in the culture we find ourselves in.  Jesus Himself said, surprisingly enough, that His very purpose for coming into the world was to testify to the Truth [John 18:37].

Evidently, Truth is of vital importance and we cannot merely leave the public square void of it.

III · Ethical Witness

Christian candidates and politicians have the opportunity to not only stand up for Truth but to live it out in the public square – to show the world the hope and joy that we have in Jesus Christ.

This opportunity is massive.  With faith increasingly sidelined in the political sphere, every faithful light shines so much brighter.  Our faith, honesty, integrity and love can be examples of the culture-changing, counter-culture power of the Christian gospel.

People are disillusioned with the self-centredness and dishonesty of many of today’s politicians.  So, let us live out the abundant life that Jesus Christ has given us [John 10:10b] in public and let our words and actions stand in stark contrast to the despair and hopelessness around us.

IV · Conclusion

Politics is not an attempt to negate our responsibility to spread the gospel.  To the contrary, it is yet another avenue to glorify and honour our heavenly Father [1 Cor 10:31] and share the good news through what we say and do.

The Christian Democratic Party has a huge mission field and a vital task in helping to transform the culture around us [Matthew 5:13-16].  And so does every Believer who takes seriously Jesus’ command to go into all the world and preach the gospel [Mark 16:15].