The Christian Youth: A Genuine Alternative

This is a proposition for all young Australian Christians between the ages of 16 and 27:

We are the Christian Youth; the Christian Democratic Party’s new youth branch.

It’s been repeated ad nauseam, but Australian politics is broken. With the incredible compromises and back-flipping of the major parties, smaller rebellions in the form of the Australian Conservatives, One Nation, the United Australia Party, and countless other minor parties have exploded onto the scene. Though they promise change – and we are certain many of them are genuine in this aim – they never think to drop the assumptions of existing politics that have caused the present problems. The Christian Youth are here to present the change Australian politics needs for the youth of our time.

Now, talking about change is a tired cliché. Talking about actually bringing change is also a tired cliché. We’re not doing that here; talk is nothing without proof. So here is genuine proof of the change we will bring:

1. Unlike any other party, the Christian Youth functions like an army. Dedication to Christian values, hard work, and excellence in character are what determine ascension in the party ranks, rather than the malleable votes of the regular membership.

2. The fundamental assumption of liberal democracy – that leaders not bound by the people’s vote cannot be trusted – is entirely demolished in the Christian Youth. Our leadership selection process holds to the axiom of Matthew 20:26 – 28; greatness through serving. Potential leaders must have a demonstrable track record of on the ground level work, as well as doing that work with a servant’s heart.

These two major points are simply a taste of the Christian Youth’s unprecedented structure.

If you are a Christian aged 16 to 27 who wants to contribute to the protection of Australia’s Christian roots, please contact any of the following:

CY President Samraat Joshua Grewal:

Vice-President, Paul Facey (Messenger link):

CY Website:

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